Product Name: GEt Air Force 1 Mid LV8 Overbrand (GS) AV3803-001

STYLE: AV3803-001


RELEASE: DATE 01/02/2018

 GET Air Force 1 Category introduction:

In the production of GET Air Force 1, whether it is the production material or the production process, we strive for perfection and strictly follow the authentic replica 1:1. This is the most important goal of the UABAT brand and the entire team. It is also the reason why the quality of UABAT Sneakers is the best among all cheap shoes websites.

Delivery Supplier: DHL/EMS and etc.

Delivery Period: About 10-16 days

Payment: Credit Card,Debit Card,PayPal,Alipay,Wechat Pay.

Value-added service: Free QC pictures before shipping out.

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